what we provide

Utah Detox Services


We believe in providing compassionate care to every client who is brave enough to start their journey to recovery.  Medical detox is one of the first steps in that process and we are here to help make that transition as comfortable and safely as possible in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Recovery is possible for everyone and we can help provide a positive start for your journey to recovery and encouragement to embrace life.

Customized medical plan for detox

At PDU we understand that each individual experiences detox in different ways. This is why we customize a medical detox plan based on the needs and the concern of the patient.  Each individual has their own set of symptoms that we will address to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Daily visits from a medical provider 

Symptoms and needs often change from day to day during the detox process.  The best way to asses your needs is through daily contact.  We will monitor you carefully and adjust your medical plan as needed.  This can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

Patient and family education

To understand recovery you need to understand the disease of addiction.  While society is starting to understand this illness, there is so much to learn.  We will review what substance dependence means medically, scientifically, emotionally and spiritually.  We will take all the time needed to discuss questions and concerns from both the patient  and their loved ones.

Full history and physical with emphasis on substance use

Your safety is of the upmost importance to us.  Therefore, we start your treatment with an in-depth review of you mental and physical health.  We  will do a thorough evaluation of your substance use history.  Gathering these important details helps us determine the best course for your detox.

24hr access to medical provider

We understand that questions and symptoms don’t always occur from 9 to 5.  We will have a medical provider on call to answer these questions and concerns.  You will never be left entirely on your own  during this process. Having access to information can also help to ease anxiety.

Assist client with finding the best treatment for recovery based on individual needs

Detox is just the first part of the process of recovery.  To be successful in recovery, you need to be actively engaged in a recovery program.  There are a lot of different options for treatment.  We will review these options and help you find a program that best fits your needs..


Resources for recovery support

There are a lot of resources in our community to help both patient and family on the road to recovery.  We will introduce you to these resources and connect you with the people who can best assist you on your journey.