Private Detox of Utah Founders Story

Working in recovery is not just a business to me.  It is personal.  After working 20 years in the medical field I have never come across a disease that is as devastating as addiction.  It not only affects the patient but it also affects their loved ones.  It can cause damage over generations.  Nobody is immune to this disease.  It does not discriminate.  This is something I had to learn for myself.  I thought there is no way I could become an addict.  I have a good education, I come from a good family.  But it happened. 

I experienced all the horrible things that happen with addiction just like everyone else.  My road to recovery was long and difficult.  I had to fight my way into long term recovery.  This dark experience has led me to see things in a whole new light. 

Recovery has taught me things that I would have never known about myself, the disease and my fellow man.  Looking back I wouldn’t change my journey as the experience has been a major pivot point in my life.  More then anything I want to pass on to others the joy that can come from recovery.  My mission is to help others take that first difficult step that starts with detox.  I want to make this tough time as easy as possible.  Detox is just a small part on your way to healing.  With PDU we are able to not only support you medically but also arm you and your loved ones with resources and social support.  Your success means everything to us.  Recovery is possible for everyone.  Addiction will change you but recovery will make you.