What Private Detox of Utah stands for

Private Detox of Utah was founded on the concept that recovery is possible for everyone.  Making the decision to start the journey to recovery isn’t easy.  It can feel overwhelming and can provoke fear.  The first step on the road to recovery is going through the detox process.  We want to help decrease the anxiety and stress during this first step by  providing a medical detox in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  When someone is brave enough to start the recovery process they are usually asked to go to a detox center or a hospital to manage the symptoms of withdrawal.  Going through this process is difficult on it’s own, then add the anxiety that comes from being in an unknown environment.  These centers and hospitals can feel sterile and doesn’t provide comfortable surroundings.  We understand that people have families, jobs and responsibilities to manage. Medical detox can be safely managed at home in most cases.

Every client is treated with the respect and compassion they deserve.  Our medical team is dedicated to providing each individual with a custom care plan to meet their needs.  Detoxing from any substance is an uncomfortable process but we can make it easier.  Withdrawal symptoms can be improved.  As the symptoms can vary from day to day, we are there everyday to closely monitor your detox.  We want to work as partners in your recovery process and make decisions as a team.  This is your journey and we want to give you the best start possible.

Recovery is a lifelong process and detox is just the first step.  We work with all types of recovery programs rehabilitation centers and personal recovery coaches.  Every client will have options for a plan to continue their journey once the physical detox is completed.

One of PDU’s missions is to help eliminate the stigma of addiction.  The person who is struggling with the disease of addiction will typically try to keep it hidden.  They experience a lot of shame as society and many medical providers treat these individuals with contempt.  Addiction is a Brain disorder not a character flaw.  When someone who carries the gene of addiction becomes dependent on any substance, the brain chemistry changes dramatically.  The brain will demand that the substance is more important then anything else.  It will come before food, sleep, safety and even relationships.  Finding and using their drug of choice become a full time 24/7 job, and the job is miserable.  People typically think that because someone is “choosing to get high” that they are having a good time.  They are not.  In the beginning there is euphoria but soon the addict finds that they need the substance to just feel normal.  It is a horrible position to be in.  The shame involved often keeps people from seeking help.  To heal from this horrible disease is difficult but definitely possible.  The first step and one of the scariest steps is to detox from the substance.  The next step is to engage in a treatment program.  The longer the better.  This takes time, persistence and patience.  Those individuals who make it into long term recovery will see life in a whole new way.  Recovery brings back joy and happiness.  Life is still full of struggles but their ability to manage these issues will be much improved.